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Get Ready to Get Loud for 66th CMHA Mental Health Week

February 14, 2017

Get Ready to Get Loud for CMHA Mental Health Week

Time to work on your outside voice! Get ready to get loud this May 1-7 for the 66th CMHA Mental Health Week.

This year, Canadians are getting loud to end wait times, because it takes far too long to get the mental health care they need, when they need it. We are sick of waiting.


Building on last year’s successful “Get Loud for Mental Health” campaign, the CMHA Mental Health Week slogan for 2017 is: Sick of waiting. Get loud for mental health. The slogan doesn’t mince words. It tells it like it is, complete with a double meaning: Canadians are not only tired of waiting for mental health care, but waiting is also making us sicker.

Think of “getting loud” as picking up a mental health megaphone. The people we love – and the people we elect – need to hear that mental health is an essential part of health, and of health care. And we just can’t wait anymore.

Please join us and tell everyone to #GETLOUD from May 1st and May 7th.

Check CMHA’s Mental Health Week website in the coming months for updates and campaign information.

About Mental Health Week

CMHA Mental Health Week was first introduced in 1951 to raise mental health awareness. It is now a Canadian tradition, offering practical ways to maintain and improve mental health and support recovery.

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