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Promoting Mental Health Week in Your Community

Every Canadian has the potential to live an optimal healthy life that includes good mental health. That’s why your participation in this year’s Mental Health Week is so important. Here’s a series of ideas to help get you started with your planning.

Business as usual

Organize a lunch-and-learn at a local business, present the fact sheets or speak on a topic the business is interested in. Allow time for the audience to talk about their solutions for protecting their mental health.


Sponsor a local meditation group leader or yoga instructor to lead a meditation session at your branch. Report the number of attendees and one key piece of advice from the instructor. Post this to our Facebook page.

Group plan

Organize a service group (like the Rotarians) to speak about volunteer opportunities in your community. Have an energetic volunteer speak about their experience and how volunteering impacted their mental health. Record the number of attendees and a key quote from the speaker on our Facebook page.