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How CMHA Can Help

Are you in crisis?
If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs immediate assistance, go to the nearest hospital or call 9-1-1.
Do you need medical advice?
Contact your General Practitioner for a referral to a qualified mental health care professional.
Learn how to take care of your mental health. Get the facts about mental illness. Find help for yourself or others.

CMHA can help. We have a remarkable team of more than 10,000 volunteers and staff across Canada providing vital services and support to well over half a million Canadians every year.See below for more information on CMHA’s women mental health programs and services in your community.


 Ride Don’t Hide – Supporting Family Mental Health (CMHA-Calgary) 

CMHA Edmonton – Women’s Web of Discovery  

British Columbia

CMHA Kootenays

  • Crisis line – 1-888-353-CARE (2273) – offers a 24 hour crisis safety net for the Kootenay Region. The service fields calls dealing with a variety of mental health issues and can provides confidential support, resources & information for individuals who call.
  • Community Outreach – Outreach for women experiencing or at risk of violence. Support is provided in a non-clinical environment and is available as individual or group programs. Learning focuses in increasing self esteem, power and control and healthy relationships.
  • Kootenay Haven provides first stage housing for women and children fleeing domestic violence, offering 24 hour crisis support and supports women in accessing community resources. Women learn about the cycle of violence and are given information on making positive changes all while in a safe, secure environment. Call toll free – 1-800-200-3003.
  • Haven Garden provides second stage housing and personalized programming including a safe and supportive living environment. Educational resources, life skills training and one to one support are intended to prepare women to live in their communities violence free. Call toll free – 1-800-200-3003.

Ride Don’t Hide – Supporting Women’s Mental Health (BC)  

Strongest Families 

Bounce Back 

Living Life to the Full 

Enjoy Your Baby (resource) 

Pandemonium: Youth with Anxiety Group, Super Saturday Club (children and youth programs that can alleviate stress for mothers/families)

Homeless Outreach Ladies Social Club- CMHA Mid-Island Branch 


Regional Services

New Brunswick

A Day in Her Shoes (May 7th) – Fundraising Event 

Living Life to the Full

Mental Health Resource Library (in-person) -  Includes the following sections:

Regional Community Workers 

Newfoundland and Labrador

Seniors Mental Health Program 

Nova Scotia

Income Assistance and Nutrition (Maternal & Infant) 

Mental Health Resources at Regional Library 

Regional Services 


Ride Don’t Hide – Supporting Family Mental Health (Ontario) 

Support for Families and Caregivers (Resources) 

Keele Street Women’s Group – CMHA Toronto 

Health and Wellness Groups for Women – CMHA Toronto 

Violence Against Women Programs- CMHA Cochrane-Timiskaming 

CMHA Middlesex – My Sisters’ Place 

CMHA Hastings and Prince Edward – Women’s Depression and Self Esteem Support Group  

Prince Edward Island

Consumer and Family Support